15 Things to Know When you are looking to Buy Instagram Followers

Many businesses and bloggers are looking for ways to add to the followers that they have on their Instagram page. While this can be completed the old-fashioned was; one follower at a time. However, a much more efficient method is to buy Instagram followers. This can be done through a number of mediums and you can use these followers to help you showcase the unique attributes that you have to offer your fans.

The 15 items below are things that you should consider when looking to buy Instagram followers. Not only can they help you make important decisions about how many followers to buy, but can help you know how to gain followers after you have made your purchase and to continue to rise in popularity on Instagram.

1.Have a Plan

You should always have a plan or a strategy when developing Instagram followers. It is also a good idea to gain as many followers on your own before attempting to purchase additional followers.

2.Hire a specialist

Finding followers to purchase on your own is difficult and this is a process that is best left up to the professionals. You will also be able to avoid the process it takes to learn the market and you will be able to begin benefiting from your purchase immediately.

3.Maintain a regular post

It is best to post to Instagram daily. This is one of the best ways to encourage more followers to like your page. However, you should avoid posting more than two pictures daily because this could be a deterrent.

4.Have a general message

Make sure that your posts center around your general marketing message. It is best that you make an outline of your marketing goals up front so that your specialist will know the type of followers that you will benefit most from.

5.Pick the times you post carefully

Know the people that you are targeting and make sure that your posts will coincide with the times that they are actively viewing Instagram. Your specialist may also help with this area as well.


Make your photos look fantastic by using an editing tool. Talk this over with your specialist so that you understand exactly the types of photos that your target market is looking for. You pictures should be relevant and beautiful.

7.Use Hashtags

It is estimated that you will be able to increase your followers and likes by 20% simply by using popular hashtags. You will be able to reach a larger market when you add these hashtags along with your daily posts.

8.Use the tools

Instagram has a number of tools available that were designed to help followers find you. Make sure that you take advantage of these items. Some of the most popular are geotagging and captions.

9.Have a few followers first

It is best that you develop a few followers before you begin purchasing them. If you suddenly have a massive increase in the number of followers that you have, it could be a turn off for other Instagram fans.

10.Ask around

When you are ready to buy Instagram followers, ask friends and companies that have purchased followers in the past for advice. They will be able to tell you what to expect and the first steps that you should take.

11.Compare Prices

It is always a good idea to check out the prices of the companies that you are comparing. You should also look into their services and see which company offers the best service for you and your needs.


Typical pricing for followers will be between five and ten cents per follower. You should plan accordingly and have a number in mind when you talk to your specialist.

13.Satisfaction Guaranteed

Many companies offer a satisfaction guaranteed service with your purchase. This is something that you should look into when you are comparing companies.

14.Think about the number

You can buy as many followers as you wish, but it may be a good idea to purchase them in small increments. A large spike in likes or followers may clue in your other followers and cause negative repercussions.

15.Buy Likes and Followers

You may want to think about not only buying followers, but purchasing likes for specific posts as well. This may help to move your photos up in the rankings in a short period of time.


Buying Instagram followers is a great way to expand your image and develop your popularity. If you follow the tips listed above, you will be able to maximize on the success of your Instagram account and finally be able to reach the status that you desire and deserve.