How To Hide Friends On Facebook – Tips to Hide Friend list on Facebook

How To Hide Friends On Facebook – Tips to Hide Friend list on Facebook

Everybody is concerned about their privacy, In regards to the media. Possessing the friends in common (mutual friends) is one them.

There are occasions when you will need to conceal friends list on facebook from others such as loved ones and your friends. Doing this can be helpful in a number of situations. Let us take an example:

By way of instance, one of your buddies don’t have a fantastic relationship with the man but another man and you are good buddies. In case you have a friends list that is open everyone can see who you’re friends on Facebook. In this sort of scenario, conflict can be caused by it.

It is essential to conceal facebook friend list. Tell us if you and we agree.

One thing we forgot to mention. That is, it may be beneficial for your friends your friend list isn’t visible. Let’s explain how. Some individuals in a blind run of finding the maximum friends on facebook(Though the buddies limit on Facebook is 5000), will send the friend asks all individuals on your list(Likely to invite them to enjoy their FB page). This is bad and has to be prevented.

Facebook is updating its policies and adding new features to make certain that their users can find the best possible privacy protection. Let’s see how you can take advantage of these ideas.

How To Hide Friends On Facebook:

Here are the few steps to hide friends on Facebook. If you have Laptop/PC or an android and iOS user then are different options available. Make sure you read complete post for better understanding.

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Now click on Your Profile Section.
  • Go to Friends option inside your timeline.
  • Now click on the manage edit icon.
  • Again click on edit privacy
  • Go to who can see your friend list option and change it to Only me.

Done!! Now only you will able to see your friend list. No one that doesn’t have access to your account that person unable to see your friend list.

Why you should hide your friend list:

It totally depends on you that you wanna to hide your friend’s list or not. If you think anyone can misuse these features you can hide your friend’s list from your friends and public. After doing this changes in your facebook account only you will able to see your friend list. No third party or third person reach your friend list.

Some security tips always follow with your Facebook account:

  • Hide your friend list if you think anyone can misuse of that Facebook features.
  • Never share your real location on your facebook wall because the enemy can track you back with Facebook.
  • If possible avoid sending a friend request to those you don’t know.
  • Never share your account password with anyone.
  • If you are an advertiser on Facebook and always keep balance in your facebook account then also never share your password or access to any person you don’t know.

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  • If you think that someone is accessing your account change your password and log out from all devices.
  • Never public your number on facebook especially girls.
  • In case anyone blackmailing you never avoid these things registered a complaint on cyber crime police and also report it to facebook.

These are the tips with it you can keep safe your account. If you have any question you can also ask in comment box.


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